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Atom14 Ltd

Web Development

Beautifully crafted, slick websites that enhance the image of your business and give customers confidence.

We like to take advantage of the free tools that are available from industry giants such as Google and Yahoo! to give you a great solution at a great price.

Complete adherence to web standards means your site will work as intended in all modern web browsers (IE7+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera) and optionally on mobile devices to maximise your audience.

E-Mail Newsletters

Keep in touch with your customers by periodically sending them a newsletter to update them on your products or services. Marketing e-mail guidelines require that an "unsubscribe" option be included with every such message so we use a service called MailChimp to ensure full compliance and to avoid having your message end up in the Spam folder.

We can design your newsletter in the style of your website or brand and we have corporate communications expertise to assist in developing an effective message.

Add a Contact Us page to your website that will automatically collect e-mail addresses for your newsletter distribution. We can build this for you.

How effective is your web presence?

Does your website pay for itself? Who is visiting your site - are they potential customers? Is your site getting your message across?

All our sites are created with a Google Analytics account that gathers information about the visitors to your site. We will review this information and send you a periodic report to help you evolve your web presence.

Social Networking

When you want to target your advertising at a very specific audience Facebook is a great option. With a massive number of regular users Facebook has the reach and since its users give lots of information about themselves it allows Facebook to present advertisements that are likely to appeal.

You only pay when someone clicks so you can design several different approaches for your advert to appeal to different customer groups.

We can help you build a Facebook page for your business and develop a strategy to increase the number of individuals and businesses that 'Like' you. With an attentive audience you can communicate directly with people that want to hear what you have to say.

If you have something interesting to say Twitter offers a great way to make your message go viral.

SMS Services

Even allowing for the increased use of smart phones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc) evidence suggests that SMS text messages are a more timely way to communicate with your customers or members.

We can offer solutions for two-way SMS communications using short codes and keywords where required. We can link this into your existing databases, create a new database to store contact information or build secure web forms that allow you to initiate messages with a few clicks.

Replies can be sent to your own phone or handled by our system, for instance we can summarise or categorise replies automatically.

Google Search

Our analysis of traffic to the sites we manage suggests that some 70% - 80% of search referrals come from Google. So it makes sense to give special attention to how your site appears in Google's many search sites, including Location based search.

We can help you devise a strategy to attract customers via Google.

Sentinel Water

New Sentinel Water website
New Sentinel Water site

The new design is intended to give a clean, modern impression whilst making it much easier to see what services Sentinel Water offer. The banner images entice the viewer to visit other pages on the site, which can then be measured using Google Analytics.

Old Sentinel Water website
Sentinel Water old website

MS Technologies

MS Technologies website

Update to a website that had been built up in house over a number of years. The brief was to utilise the style developed for a brochure and to create a modern, easy to use site.

MS Technologies new website

Piri Piri Cricket

PiriPiri Cricket website

The Brief

Enhancement of existing site to add a map, using Google Maps, showing location of all stockists (Store Locator link).

Domain transfer to new hosting service.

News feature using Google Blogger integration to allow the company to make announcements.

PiriPiri Cricket website

Target Plant & Tool Hire

Target Plant & Sales

The Brief

A brand new website for this business based in Colchester. The site design evolved from their new logo colours and is a showcase for the many products they offer for hire.

Subsequent work added a Facebook widget as this was a useful tool for keeping existing customers updated about any new machinary on offer.

Target Website

Green Energy Nayland

Green Energy Nayland website

Pro bono work for a community enterprise based in the Suffolk village of Nayland.

A group of residents led by Transition group are working on a scheme to install renewable energy systems on public buildings in the village.

The site includes some dynamic effects such as the carousel at the bottom of several pages and utilises Google Charts to show the energy generated through the scheme.

The site also has a feed from Delicious, which is a website bookmarking service. This allows the site administrator to quickly tag interesting websites to share with members.

For more information visit the website.

Veduna Centre

Veduna Centre website

This site has a number of dynamic graphic effects used to emphasis the beautiful location of this eco-tourism centre in Slovenia.

The solution utilises a number of smooth effects and optimisations to deal with large graphics.

Veduna Centre website

Quinta Raddison

Quinta Raddison

A design based on recently published brochures. Site includes a searchable list of products supplied by QR.

Quinta Raddison website

Oak Cart Lodges

Oak Cart Lodge website

A new site designed to bring in new customers. The site has been optimised for search engines and includes a picture gallery slideshow feature.

Oak Cart Lodge Website

Trotters Bar

Trotters Bar website

The Brief

An enhancement to an existing site to allow customers to order their lunch online.

The site has subsequently been developed to add the Facebook widget and overhaul the design.

Lunch Order System

Our approach is different.

We work on the principle that IT is all about providing good Information to support your business - it's not just about the computers and the software. Therefore we like to keep things simple and that tends to mean it costs less in the long run. If you can do the job better using a pen and paper we won't try to sell you a sophisticated technological solution.


Google Analytics - track the success of your new website using this powerful free tool from Google.

Google Webmaster Tools - a useful tool to improve the search success of a site

Search Engine Optimization Guide

Google Keywords Tool

Our company name reflects our belief that small is beautiful in many respects.